NETGEAR is adding something new: we now provide stacking with our 10G switches.  For additional 10G connectivity, S3300 switches can stack with M4300-12X12X and M4300-24X 10G models.

With that, we are introducing new stacking capability with M4300 10G Switches for server & storage applications as well as 10G copper and fiber expansion.

The S3300 Series is our latest generation of Gigabit Stackable Smart Managed Pro Switches inclusive of four 10G ports, which can be used for uplinks or stacking with other S3300 switches.  Mixed stacking with select M4300 10G switches (12X12F and 24X) allows 10G architecture that can scale as your organization’s network grows. This setup is powerful enough for server and storage applications, as well as heavy audio/video use.

As small and medium sized businesses produce and consume more data, Gigabit speeds to every desktop is mandatory. Increasingly, this needs to be underpinned with 10GbE connectivity to the core to ensure a consistent, seamless user experience.  No bottlenecks.  This cutting-edge generation of smart switches provides our customers with the most cost-effective 10G connections between the access and aggregation layer of the network.

The S3300 stacking feature provides resilient network architecture: up to six S3300 switches can be stacked together with a single management IP address, which simplifies network operations. VLAN and Quality of Service can be managed in a unified fashion across the stack. That means up to 288 Gigabit access ports and 12 available 10-Gigabit uplinks operate as one switch.  This also offers support for high-density developments as well as flexibility for future network expansion needs. The S3300 architecture gives you a 40Gbps bi-directional stacking backplane with two 10G stacking ports per switch, built-in redundancy and auto-failover. The stacking capability allows for master and slave switches with a secondary master as back-up. The backup master can quickly take over the master switch function if need be.  Switches can be hot swapped while the rest of the switches in the stack remain unaffected and operational. This provides small businesses with enterprise-level redundancy that previously would have cost thousands of extra dollars, but is now included in the switches. Stacking is supported at 10-Gigabit speeds (with either 10GBASE-T Copper or SFP+ Fiber modules) only – maximizing performance.

When 24-port 10G switches join your S3300 stacks

We now provide stacking with our 10G switches: for additional 10G connectivity, S3300 switches can stack with M4300-12X12X and M4300-24X 10G models. M4300 switches scale down to S3300 feature set when mixed stacking. Four (4) 10G stacking ports per switch can be used on each M4300 model running S3300 code. S3300 1G models can still use two 10G stacking ports when mixed stacking, the stacking topology remains the same.

S3300 switches can stack with M4300 select 10G models (M4300-12X12F and M4300-24X) running S3300 software. Upgrading procedures and restrictions apply: please refer to the “Mixed Stacking with M4300” Application Note.

Laurent Masia

Sr. Product Line Manager, Smart & Managed Switches

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