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Milestone: 320 Endpoints of 10G AV-over-IP

IDK and NETGEAR have marked another milestone for AV over IP technology by proving the power of Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) with an incredible setup of 160 encoders feeding 160 decoders. Many vendors claim astonishing specs and leave you wondering if they really tested all those claims. Well, NETGEAR and IDK decided to actually prove that you can connect 320 endpoints without any frame drops or stuttering. Check out the video below to see for yourself and note the synchronous playback as the camera pans across the myriad displays in the testing room.

Powered by IDK IP-NINJAR rx/tx and NETGEAR’s M4500 100G Switch Platform

The testing setup included amassing a huge amount of equipment including 160 monitors, all associated cabling, and, of course, the 320 IDK IP-NINJAR encoders and decoders. The NETGEAR equipment included 8x M4500-48XF8C Managed Switches with 48x10G/25G SFP28 and 8x100G QSFP28 ports for spine switches. Additionally, 1x M4500-32C Managed Switch with 32x100G QSFP28 ports was used as the core switch. The switch command-line interface gave the team easy access to ensure all chassis were on the most recent firmware and permitted easy monitoring of all chassis.

Both NETGEAR and IDK teams in Japan provided installation and support help for this ambitious undertaking. You can imagine with a project this big, some of the main hurdles were simply cable routing and power needs. The rest of the equipment setup was not as difficult thanks to IDK’s IP-NINJAR ease of setup and NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ providing out-of-the-box multicast functionality demanded for AV over IP installations – especially ones this big!

Watch the video of this massive test and see just how well the IDK IP-NINJAR products along with the NETGEAR Pro AV switches work to bring you the best of AV over IP technology.

IP-NINJAR – A Powerful ProAV Turnkey System by IDK

To meet the growing global demand for 4K video, IDK has developed a powerful AV System Solution: IP-NINJAR. Making the most of the underlying SDVoE technology from the Semtech chipset, the IP-NINJAR product line is a turnkey, high definition audio/video signal delivery solution. System control, signal extension, distribution, seamless/KVM Switching, videowall, and multi-viewing capabilities are fully integrated into the platform. Boasting full format agility, true 4K/60 4:4:4 HDR HDCP2.2 capabilities, edge-to-edge zero frame delay, and unparalleled stability, the IP-NINJAR leverages a 10Gb Ethernet infrastructure to replace traditional baseband AV architectures. With an elegantly simple architecture, unlimited I/O and footprint scalability, and individual node-level monitoring, the IP-NINJAR unleashes valuable signal management advantages for Pro AV.

NETGEAR’s Commitment to ProAV – Powerful Switches, Software, and Support Services

NETGEAR, a founding member of the SDVoE, offers a full line of switches engineered for AV over IP installations. The M4300 line of 1G and 10G switches, provide a flexible platform to accommodate any size installation through it’s unique modular and stackable approach. NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ permits an unmatched out-of-the-box operation for truly zero-touch multicast. Additionally, the M4500 series of 100G switches ensures that even the biggest installations, such as this 320 device test with IDK, will run smoothly and without any hiccups.

The NETGEAR commitment to the Pro AV workforce doesn’t just end with the switches. A team of highly trained system engineers are available for any Pro AV installation – for free! This worldwide team will help you design your network to ensure optimal functionality and work with you during and after install in case there are any questions along the way. Simply send an email with your design request to: and the team will respond, typically within about 2 hours! No other switch manufacturer offers you this level of attention and support.

For more information on NETGEAR Pro AV products and services, go to

For more information on IDK’s IP-NINJAR, go to

John Henkel

Product Marketing Manager, Pro-AV Networking

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