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“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong uttered these words, as he became the first human to truly explore space.

All throughout July, it is Space Month on Meural, where we will be honoring each “small step” in the long journey to understand what’s really out there—exploring how classic artists captured the cosmos on canvas, launching galactic-inspired video art, and featuring photographs taken by an astronaut in orbit (yes, you read that right).

You’ll also find photos from NASA’s Bill Ingalls, who has captured everything from the heart of a hurricane to rocket launches at Cape Canaveral, as well as nightscapes from National Geographic master Babak Tafreshi, and historic photography that conveys the spirit and excitement of early space exploration. 

Of course, you’ll still find new, non-space related art added throughout the month too. So keep your eyes peeled, your rockets ready, and your Canvas WiFi-connected — it’s going to be a wildly enjoyable ride. 


Poppy Simpson

Senior Manager of Content and Curation, Meural

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