Soon we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary as a technology company focused on providing innovative ways of connecting people and business. NETGEAR has pioneered advanced networking technologies for small business since 1996 expanding these capabilities to consumers for use within the home. Innovation is at the heart of our business making life easier for businesses and consumers in a connected world. We are really never satisfied with the status quo, which is why these new ethernet switches are cause for celebration. Today, we have a special reason to be proud. The introduction of our 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro Switches with cloud-based remote management is a major step in innovating networks for small business. It brings together our usual high-quality hardware with our NETGEAR Insight software capabilities to give small businesses the power they need at a budget friendly price point. These new switches can be managed locally through their Web GUI, but now customers can choose to upgrade management to NETGEAR Insight Cloud as they wish.

Those of us that are small business owners and entrepreneurs know the increasing day-to-day networking demands of modern SMBs, whether it’s video conference calls with multiple participants, or deploying security cameras and VoIP phones across offices, it pays to be flexible. That was exactly the thinking behind the Smart Managed Pro switches. Smart IT, not Big IT is needed for flexible, cost-effective solutions to converged networks handling data, voice, and video. And now, by activating NETGEAR Insight Cloud management, you’ll enable monitoring and management features – unlocking simpler configuration and deployment from anywhere – using the NETGEAR Insight app for mobile devices or the Insight Cloud Portal from any device with a web browser. For those that depend on IT service providers, our Insight Pro management tool is ideally suited for their service to you.

Unlocking cloud-based remote management via NETGEAR Insight has never been easier, and requires no additional cloud keys, local servers, network portals, proxy appliances or a VPN. You can directly connect your switch to the cloud and allow remote management. No additional hardware or software — we baked it right in! Just switch to Insight Cloud Management mode using our browser-based local management tool.

What does this mean to you and your business?  You can now easily setup, configure, manage, monitor or even troubleshoot your network from anywhere, any time or leave it to the professionals if you have outsourced your IT. You can check dashboards for network health and activity, plus power cycle PoE ports or update the firmware remotely. There’s no need to be on-site and Insight is secure because there is no need to “open ports” on the router to manage the network. Viewing and configuring multiple networks is a breeze with the NETGEAR Insight app. You can add more Insight Managed devices to the network and let them automatically inherit settings and configuration, saving you previous time as you scale up operations. Even across multiple sites.

Our best-selling small smart switches are so popular because of the marriage of great features at attractive price points. The 3rdgeneration, GS108Tv3 and GS110TPv3, 8-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switches provide a great value, offering configurable L2 network features like advanced VLAN support and PoE operation scheduling for deploying VoIP or IP surveillance. Advanced features like IPv6 management, Layer 3 static routing, ACL, QoS, DiffServ, LACP link aggregation and Spanning Tree gives you all the advanced features you need for small business networks. Software features like IGMP and MLD Snooping offer enhanced network efficiency for multicast traffic without the need for a multicast router. This, plus protected ports, enhances security on today’s converged networks.

In fact, the GS110TPv3 is fanless, thus silent, but provides full 8-port PoE+ support with a power budget of 55W. Each port can give you up to 30 watts to power connected devices. This model allows advanced per-port PoE controls for remote management of connected devices plus operation scheduling. Never face the worry of running out of PoE ports or power budget. Again, we’ve kept an eye on what happens in the real world, and with IP cameras and VoIP phones increasingly in use, SMBs will benefit from the added security and efficiency. These news switches deliver plenty of both.

Add up the numbers and see if all this power isn’t a great bargain — but wait, there’s more! These two models added Single Sign-On registration for firmware and security updates, plus warranty entitlement. It’s now easier than ever to get up and running with such a flexible, powerful switch. Since both of these Smart Managed Pro Switches can be managed remotely, that simplicity and power is with you on the go. We’ve also got our expert support and worry-free limited lifetime warranty to back it all up.

If you’re in the market for a rock-solid switch that can add cloud-based remote management on the fly, consider NETGEAR.

Iphie Chen

Product Line Manager – Smart Managed Pro Switches

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