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NFTs have taken the world by storm, letting collectors and artists alike trade digital works – ranging from art, gaming items, videos, and even memes.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are at root, digital collectibles. They’re one-of-a-kind digital assets that can be bought or sold. ‘Non-Fungible’ essentially means ‘unique’.

When you purchase an NFT, no matter where you bought it from, you can view it on Meural. Whether you have a Meural WiFi Photo Frame or Meural Canvas II, you can view your NFT on a high-impact digital canvas designed exactly for this kind of use: tech for today and the art of the future.

No other digital frame offers the same viewing experience – art, video and photography rendered lifelike and textured. Displaying your NFTs is easy. Upload and enjoy a palatial digital experience to enrich your home and inspire your guests.

Update: Meural now supports MetaMask Wallet

You can upload your NFTs to your Meural in two ways:

For information about how to upload NFTs on, see: How do I upload photos and videos on

To upload NFTs with the Meural app:

  •  Download your NFTs to your mobile device from your preferred digital wallet or NFT marketplace. Ensure that they are in a file format supported by Meural and within file size limits.
  •  Launch the Meural app.
  •  Tap the UPLOAD icon at the bottom. The Upload pop-up displays.
  •  Tap PHOTO. Your photos, live photos, and videos display.
  •  Select the NFT(s) to upload.
  •  Tap Add at the top right.Two destinations for uploading display.
  •  Tap Meural. A list of Meurals linked to your Meural app display. Select the Meural to upload to and tap SEND TO MEURALS.

More information to know about uploading NFTs to Meural:

  • The size limit for videos is 200 MB.
  • The size limit for images is 20 MB.
  • All the meta data and descriptions would need to be added by the owner for display on Meural info card.
  • File formats supported: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .svg, .gif, .mp4, .mov, and .heic (iOS Live Photos)

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