Businesses today rely heavily on services that keep their customers engaged, connected and happy. NETGEAR’s recent Bye Bye Bad WiFi survey of more than 1,000 SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) confirmed this.  According to the survey, 61 percent said that offering a good WiFi connection to their customers was very important to their business, and 48 percent said it is critical to customer retention.

The questions then are: how can businesses ensure that their WiFi is adequate, and how can NETGEAR help?

NETGEAR’s Orbi Pro is a DIY business-grade Mesh Network system. Mesh routers or whole-business WiFi systems use a router, and multiple satellite or nodes, to ensure coverage of the WiFi signal throughout the square-footage of a given business location, which results not only in greater coverage, but faster speeds and a more reliable connection as well.

A business owner can also register, set up, monitor and manage the Orbi Pro mesh WiFi system locally and remotely, using NETGEAR Insight, both through the NETGEAR Insight app and NETGEAR Insight Cloud Portal. The NETGEAR Insight cloud portal can be accessed online here, and the NETGEAR Insight app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store or Android Play Store.

Below is a list items on how Insight can help SMBs manage their Orbi Pro and thereby maintain their WiFi coverage and connectivity. Insight allows for viewing and managing of the following with Orbi Pro:

  • Connected Clients Setting
    Users/Owners will see the list of all that are connected into the Orbi Pro system devices and can remove or block them from connecting to that device.
  • Wi-Fi Networks Setting
    Users can have 3 SSIDs and can add security, including preventing other devices from accessing the internet unless the user knows the security key.
  • LAN IP Setting
    Users can configure the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Start IP, End IP or Enable DHCP Server.
  • WAN IP Setting
    Users can configure the External IP Address, Gateway IP Address, Subnet Mask, DNS or Enable DHCP Server.
  • Traffic Meter Setting
    Users can monitor and track internet download & upload speed usage from today, yesterday, this week, or this month.
  • Satellites Settings
    Users can add up to six Pro satellites to the Orbi Pro router.

Together, Orbi Pro and Insight enable SMBs to set up the WiFi necessary to keep their customers happy, connected and engaged.

Shaheen Kazi
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