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Arlo cameras have been helping people across the country maintain their homes in a number of ways.  Whether you use your Arlo Q to monitor the housekeepers or keep an eye on your pets, or you use your new Arlo Baby to keep a watchful eye on your precious newborn, one thing is imminently clear.  Arlo cameras are wonderful for keeping watch of what is most important to you.

According to a study done by the University of North Carolina a few years ago, in which they questioned hundreds of offenders convicted of burglary in order to provide insight into an intruder’s motivation and methods, researchers confirmed that the presence of video surveillance is often an effective deterrent.

The study states:  “The majority of these burglars indicated they would consider a number of factors before committing a burglary. The largest proportion of respondents first considered cameras/surveillance equipment, followed by alarms, people inside the structure, dogs, and cars in the driveway.”

50% of the burglars questioned said that simply the presence of a camera would work to deter them from choosing a home to target.

NETGEAR’s Arlo Pro is an amazing indoor/outdoor HD camera.  It is weatherproof and has night vision, and, yes, it even has an alarm, a 100 decibel siren that can be set off either manually, or when you set up a rule for it to do so when it detects motion (say, inside your garage in the middle of the night).

The Arlo HD Security systems also come with stickers to put on your doors and windows to indicate that a security camera is active, stopping crime before it happens.

In the unfortunate event that a burglar does throw caution to the wind and enters your home (surprisingly, 36% said they wouldn’t be deterred even if they knew there was police presence nearby!), you can set the Arlo cameras to record upon any motion or audio detection, and you will be notified immediately.  Arlo also allows 7 days’ worth of recordings for free, which are accessible on the app.  You can download and keep any of those recordings at any time, which you can then submit over to police, to help them make arrests in the case.


I personally always keep an Arlo camera outside, in plain view and positioned towards my front door and front window, so I can see anyone approaching.  I also keep one inside, facing my back door and windows, and place a 3rd one inside my garage.  With Arlo cameras, you can have up to 5 cameras on the same account, with no monthly or yearly charges.  Other plans are available for more than 5 cameras or for longer storage of your video.

With Arlo smart home security, NETGEAR makes sure we have you covered, to deter crime and to help with arrest and conviction.


Taranom Kazempour
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    great product, how do I become a reseller in my region ? (Caribbean)


    With the basic support plan can I continue to use the online storage, but I just lose h

    Taranom Kazempour

    Hi Phil. With our free subscription plan, you get 7 rolling-days of free cloud storage of your recorded clips, for up to 5 Arlo cameras. And at any time, you can download any of the recordings to your own device, to keep.

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