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The wait is now finally over. The world’s first wireless mobile LTE-enabled HD security camera, Arlo Go,  is now available on AT&T mobile plans.  Since our initial launch of Arlo Go with AT&T Enterprise for businesses last year, we have had many inquiries from the Arlo community as to when the Arlo Go would be available for consumers for use on the AT&T wireless network, and now the time has arrived.

The Arlo Go is similar to our brilliant Arlo Pro in that they are both wire-free, weatherproof (IP65 certified), and come equipped with rechargeable batteries.

However, while the Arlo Pro works anywhere within range of your WiFi network, the Arlo Go takes on the challenges of a mobile environment.  It can be mounted anywhere you have an LTE signal, but are out of range of a WiFi connection, such as in your RV during a camping trip, or in your vacation home to keep watch while  you are away.  The Arlo Go can also be used on a boat dock or on large properties, such as a farm, where WiFi doesn’t extend.  Arlo Go is also the perfect solution to keep a watchful eye on construction taking place at your work site, keeping track of the progress and ensuring that equipment or materials do not walk off.

And now that Arlo Go is supported by AT&T 4G LTE, as well as by Verizon, you can monitor your possessions from anywhere, no matter how far away, rain or shine, hot or cold.  Where would you want to use your Arlo Go?

Arlo Go. No WiFi. No power. No worries.

Neal Skura

Senior Product Manager

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