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Cyberpunk 2077 is among the very small number of games that was adapted from a tabletop game. Originally made in 1988 (and then Cyberpunk 2020), it was a fantasy roleplaying game, akin to Dungeons and Dragons. Now, with its cult following, it has been remastered for the digital age.

It is yet to be released, and its developer, CD PROJEKT RED, is being very tight-lipped, but we have now been given a cinematic treat in the form of the game’s trailer, which you can find here. We know the game will be a single-player, first-person RPG, and from the trailer, many have been making parallels to Grand Theft Auto, and debatably Watchdogs. This, combined with the 80’s retro idea of a dark future, leaves us counting down the days to the release.

Set in the dystopian mega-city of Free City in the free state of California, the player assumes the role of V, an ultra-customizable mercenary. Everything from his hair to his body type and clothing can be altered, to make the mercenary of your choice. In some games, this could be considered a cheap gimmick, to allow expressing one’s self through the character, but in Cyberpunk 2077, all of these decisions matter. Each decision will affect how you interact with non-playing characters (NPC), and even the day/night cycle and weather will change how NPCs interact with you.

The city itself is split into six defined sections, the corporate run City Centre, the immigrant heavy Watson, a high-class area called Westbrook, the suburban Heywood, the industrial center Santo Domingo and the home of the gangs, Pacifica.

Through all of this, you also have the choice to biohack yourself, while increasing points in any of six stat categories, all of which contribute to the identity of the character’s class. Cyberpunk has kept it quite simple with its classes, you can either be a NetRunner, who specializes in hacking, a Techie, who – surprise surprise – is great with machines, or a Solo, a specialist combat mercenary.

When you look at the sum of the parts we’ve been given so far, it is undeniable that Cyberpunk 2077 has all the markings of what could be an unbelievably fun game. This, combined with the fact it’s CD PROJEKT’s first non-Witcher game, has us all eagerly waiting at the edge of our seats. Although not slated for release until early 2019, this is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Ben Acevedo

Gaming Brand Manager

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