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A lot of people use their outdoor Arlo cameras to monitor their yards, for safety and security reasons. But, it’s always a special treat when a cute animal or beautiful bird make an appearance in your videos!  This Earth Day, Arlo wants to share with you some tips you can use to attract these 4 legged or winged friends to your camera, and make your yard an Earth Day oasis!

To attract birds, you can place a bird feeder near your Arlo camera. You can either use a seed feeder, or one that provides nectar, for hummingbirds. Don’t forget to make sure the feeder is about 9 feet away from a window, to prevent collision! This would work wonderfully if your Arlo camera is placed in a tree.

Another thing you can do is plant bushes and trees that attract birds, such as oak and cherry trees which provide nuts and are home to lots of insects, or evergreen trees like Spruce and Pine, which provide sap and seeds and make great homes. Sunflowers are also a great attraction for birds.  Red flowers attract hummingbirds, and brightly colored native plants tend to attract butterflies.

And if you have a large property and want to attract bigger wildlife, like deer? Then the best move is to place your Arlo camera near fruit trees, like apples, or berry bushes, like elderberry or strawberry.

Another thing that is vital for a backyard wildlife oasis is water!  If you’re not lucky enough to have a pond or a stream in your backyard, you can add a fountain or a bath outside, making sure to keep the water fresh and clean, and aim your Arlo towards the water.

We hope that you are able to capture the beauty of nature on your outdoor Arlo, and look forward to seeing your videos!!  Send them to us on Facebook or Twitter, hashtag #CaughtOnArlo!


Taranom Kazempour
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