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Labor day has come and gone, which means the beginning of the NFL season is nearly upon us.  It is time for all the armchair quarterbacks to start preparing for the upcoming season. With the Philadelphia Eagles overcoming the New England Patriots to take their first-ever Super Bowl title in February, there’s hope that this 2018-2019 season could be even more exciting than the last. With the regular season starting soon, and with each team playing 16 games across a 17-week period, there are going to be a lot of games to watch, a lot of speculation, and a lot of excitement. 

At NETGEAR, we want to make sure you never miss a moment of the upcoming NFL season, and are able to see all of these games in their full glory! So, here are a few products that will keep you connected for the fantasy football rankings and help to ensure you see every snap, sack and touchdown.

Mobile Hotspots

There may be times when you are on the go, and cannot be at home on your own WiFi network, but still want to be able to watch your favorite team. When away from home, you can’t always rely on a stable WiFI connection. The NETGEAR Nighthawk LTE Mobile Router delivers a super-fast internet connection with its 4G LTE connection for gaming, browsing the internet and streaming media for that all-important replay in the end zone. The Nighthawk mobile router allows you to connect up to 20 Wifi enabled devices, such as your smartphone or laptop, which means you can watch the game with others, or keep friends preoccupied with their own connection, while you are free to watch that last quarter.  If you’re regularly on the move, the LTE Mobile Router is a must, so no more searching for a coffee shop with terrible WiFi, just start streaming wherever you are.


Orbi Whole Home WiFi system is NETGEAR’s home solution for all your WiFi needs. Orbi is designed for a broad array of different home environments, making sure you have the best connection possible at all times in your home. The innovative tri-band WiFi delivers incredibly fast internet, making sure that you can stream the games anywhere in your home, even from the garage or backyard, with no more buffering and no more waiting. Orbi will also enable you to connect several devices without losing speed or range, so other family members will still be able to play video games and upload photos to social media without affecting the quality of your internet. You will no longer suffer from internet dead zones, or weak connectivity, meaning you can use your stream faster than ever before.

Nighthawk Pro Gaming

For those that are more committed to prioritizing their NFL gaming experience with EA Sports Madden NFL, and not just watching on TV, there is also the option to use the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 and the XR700 WiFi routers. Purpose-built and designed with gaming in mind, these routers have many features that allow you to be able to control the bandwidth of your internet, giving you the option to allocate WiFi to the devices you choose. The Nighthawk’s dedicated app enables users to be able to direct the signal to particular devices, as well as pause the internet for specific devices across your home. This means you can ensure a more reliable local connection if you were to be playing Madden 19, being sure that you will not suffer from any latency issues when playing online. Or you can even prioritize your TV set while watching the Super Bowl! The Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers allow you to better manage and take control of your home network.

At NETGEAR, we’ve got you covered, so that you can watch and game with ease, throughout the entire NFL season!

Ben Acevedo

Gaming Brand Manager

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