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Small Business owners rely on Internet but, are well aware of the issues with providing unfiltered access to the Internet to employees and customers. It’s often assumed that advanced web filtering is something that a dedicated IT team would need to provide and would be relegated to enterprises. But, with modern cloud connected devices this can be done more easily and at low costs.

Good thing those rainy days are over, as NETGEAR’s cloud-based technology has leveled the playing field so that every small and medium business has equal access to the latest cutting-edge technologies and can keep their business network systems up to date. NETGEAR ensures that business owners are no longer left feeling alone, by providing an effective, reliable, and easy-to-use network management system. Take a deeper dive into the full capabilities of the NETGEAR Insight Remote Management System.

NETGEAR Insight 6.1 Content Filtering Update

The IT network of a business is more important than ever and NETGEAR’s Insight version 6.1, is the necessary tool that will help to maximize network uptime while optimizing performance. The NETGEAR Insight management solution lets you easily discover, setup, monitor and manage select wireless access points, router-gateways, switches, and ReadyNAS directly from the web-based Insight Cloud Portal or your iOS or Android device.

As businesses, large and small, have had to alter the way they conduct business, and virtual engagement with customers is the new standard and increasingly depend on digital media and tools to run their business. And because of such, efficiency is a keyword that every business owner wants to adopt for their company. Insight version 6.1 is the tool that ties up loose ends and supports the growing need for companies to filter internet content to protect their employees from seedy content and control over bandwidth costs.

Running a business is stressful, and it is important to operate with a proactive game plan allowing you to be ready before something happens. With the Insight 6.1 comes an essential new subscription service, “Insight Content Filtering”, Powered by RaGaPa. This service allows Insight Pro and Premium subscribers to deliver secure WiFi for users by blocking malware access, prevent phishing attacks, and enforcing safe search protocols. NETGEAR Insight Content Filtering is now available on the Insight compatible Orbi Pro mesh system kits and routers. Orbi Pro SRR60 and Orbi Pro WiFi 6 SXR80 WiFi routers are the best options to providing small businesses and home offices a DIY solution to all of your networking needs.

Content Filtering Tools for Insight

DNS Based Web Content Filtering: Content filtering gives SMBs the ability to regulate the types of websites and web content that employees, guests and customers can access while connected to your business network. The ability to block IP addresses and deny access to certain websites that may be a threat will decrease your business potential to experience loss of critical information and exposure to malicious websites and spyware. Content filtering empowers SMBs and provides the ability to control the types of web content that can be accessed while connected to the business wired or wireless networks.

Predefined Categories & Category Lookup: While sites containing gambling, dating, chat rooms, can create an unprofessional environment, each category contains a list of predetermined domains and subdomains to either be allowed or blocked. NETGEAR Insight version 6.1 leverages many easy-to-use tools that help in the process of building safe internet policies for customers and employees.

Data Monitoring and Reporting: As the popular saying goes, “Numbers do not lie”, NETGEAR Insight version 6.1 pulls data and compiles a comprehensive report detailing the top-visited websites, network traffic over time, and more. The software offers a full dashboard to examine trends in real-time and historical updates from the last 30 days.
Join our upcoming Insight Content Filtering Webinar on Wed March 17th at 11am PST to learn more about content filtering.
Visit the NETGEAR Insight Community to get the full Insight release and updates.
Insight Content Filter

Shaheen Kazi

Director of SMB Product Line Management, Insight

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