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The Cloud has Completely Changed Business

The way business is conducted is completely changing thanks to cloud-based services. A cloud-based approach can fundamentally change the way services function. Faster set-up, updates and control, remote maintenance and upgrades, easier scalability and change, and cost savings through reduced capital outlay are all benefits that can be realized through such services.

All those benefits of cloud apply to network management too, whether in offices, retail outlets, schools, care facilities or other buildings. Both wireless and wired networks can be set up quickly from anywhere. Issues can be sorted before they become problems, so time spent managing networks is hugely reduced. Businesses and resellers do not have to become network experts and so can focus on other priorities.

Traditional Networks Needed Constant Attention

This is a far cry from the traditional way of setting up networks, when each device might take a couple of hours to be fully live and connected. Even the simplest of installations could end up causing hours, even days, of disruption. Then, there was on-going maintenance, which also took up a lot of time: not ideal for businesses with limited or no IT resources. If a professional was involved, site visits were required.

How Cloud Networks Work

With cloud-based network management, the reseller or MSP QR-scans the network components, then either ships them to the customer, or may opt to still carry out the installation on-site. Once the components are unboxed and plugged in, unlike traditional networking, where a physical link to the device was necessary, the MSP or customer logs into a phone or web browser app , which automatically discovers and registers them all within just a couple of seconds each. In total, getting a product running live on the network and connected to other components takes less than 10 minutes. That is a massive reduction in on-site time and disruption.

Once the network is in place, maintenance can also be carried out remotely, simply and quickly through a cloud portal, across continuous monitoring, trouble-shooting, firmware upgrades, adding new users and devices. That represents a lot of time and effort saved for businesses without dedicated IT and network resources, or when one person is having to supervise multiple sites.

Likewise, resellers can remotely look after hundreds of networks on behalf of business customers, even become their virtual IT or network departments. Resellers can increase their geographic coverage, and create new business models, such as annual or monthly subscriptions per user or device.

No Site-Visits means Faster Troubleshooting

Eliminating the necessity for site-visits also makes it easier and faster to trouble-shoot issues, especially out-of-hours which is when many outages occur. In the garden, get a call about a problem, or an automatically-generated alert about a network? No worries: the majority of issues can be resolved remotely, and for those that cannot, a support team is on hand and can even be given temporary secure access to help resolve issues. Continuous monitoring also means resellers can suggest network improvements — and carry them out remotely — so enhancing the customer relationship.

Insight: The Solution for Cloud Management

This seems a good point to talk about NETGEAR Insight, an industry first in cloud network management, providing easy plug-and-play set-up and control such as the previous scenarios discussed. Here is a quick overview of what NETGEAR Insight can do:

  • Zero-touch deployment – works in minute, right out-of-the-box
  • One single pane-of-glass – a single, centralized view even for multiple locations, networks and customers, via a web interface or mobile app
  • Wide choice – compatible with a wide variety of NETGEAR access points, switches, storage, and VPN routers
  • Feature-rich – alerts built-in help and support, usage monitoring and exportable report data
  • Backed by NETGEAR support – 24/7
  • Predictable affordability – a choice of three main packages to suit a variety of business budgets, from the most basic of networks, through to multi-tenancy and multi-roles.
  • 1 year of Insight Management is now included with the purchase of a range of Insight remote management capable network devices including remote managed access points, routers and Ethernet switches. Additional devices added June 22, 2020 – Now even more devices are included in this 1-Year offer. Learn more about Insight.

    Feedback from Insight Users

    Of course we’d say it’s great, so here’s what some users have told us:

    “With Insight Pro, a ten hour problem becomes a ten minute problem – and our customers couldn’t be happier with the services we provide them.”

    “I could pull up on the curb, pull out my phone and with the app, reboot the access point – and they were good to go.”

    “Having a single pane of glass that we can see everything on the network and make global change…we can deploy things very easily instead of having to configure every device one by one – one click and we can go.”

    “Cloud technology makes it possible to install, control and monitor networks — whether simple or sophisticated — from anywhere. Plus, NETGEAR Insight means no need for network expertise, as well as flexibility, affordability, and speedy set-up and easy maintenance.”

    Want to post your feedback of NETGEAR Insight? Visit the NETGEAR Insight Community.

    Shaheen Kazi
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