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In Meural’s art library, which contains a whopping 30,000 curated images and counting, you can always browse categories by Artist, by Museum, by Type  or by Color.  As of this month, we’ll begin presenting you with special features around topical themes. For February, we are pleased to introduce a special category to recognize Black History Month.  

Martin Luther King Jr. – by Leonard Freed, 1963, available in the Meural Membership

This new category is your hub for all our Black History Month content — which will dive into the stories of African American artists, as well as profiling pivotal moments in Black History, through visual storytelling.  As part of this special celebration, you’ll be able to bring your walls to life with works from African American artists, both celebrated and underrepresented, and remember historic moments in Black History with archival photography from the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. You can expect portraits of African American creators and leaders, and Black History Month editions of your favorite Meural editorial series (like What’s On Our Wall, and Price Tag).

Blues – by Archibald Motley, 1929, available in the Meural Membership

Later this month, we’ll be introducing one of the most renowned contemporary African American artists of all time into the Meural library: Jean-Michel Basquiat. This brilliant artist, who left us all too soon at the age of 27, straddled genres from graffiti, to pop art, to neo-expressionism. Much of his work, which today sells for astronomical prices at auction, is infused with social commentary and meditations on African American identity in America. We are thrilled to be able to present his work to the Meural community for the first time, and allow it to be experienced in homes across the world.  

You can follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MeetMeural, and with the hashtag #BHMonMeural. Bring the celebration to your wall using the Black History Month category on my.meural and the Meural mobile app.

Early Morning – by Romare Howard Bearden, 1964


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