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Don’t Miss a Moment of the NFL Season

By Ben Acevedo

Labor day has come and gone, which means the beginning of the NFL season is nearly upon us.  It is time for all the armchair quarterbacks to start preparing for the upcoming season. With the Philadelphia Eagles overcoming the New England Patriots to take their first-ever Super Bowl title in February, there’s hope that this […]

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The Most Powerful Pro Gaming Router on the Market – the XR700!

By Ben Acevedo

Hello Nighthawks! ZarduBen here, with an introduction to the latest addition to our Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers, the XR700! The NPG XR700 combines advanced gaming software with our best-in-class, high-performance hardware that every gamer expects from Nighthawk Pro Gaming. We upped the performance, giving the XR700 a powerful 1.7GHz quad-core processor, quad-stream WiFi with MU-MIMO, […]

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Network Capacity. It’s the New Network Speed.

By Abhay Bhorkar

As the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) emerges, the number of connected devices in our world today is clearly on the rise. WiFi is now expected to support not only our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but also the smart TVs, thermostats, lights, security systems, wearables and the dozens of other smart devices that […]

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Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber-Attacks

By Ionut Ilascu

Smart devices have become a large part of our connected world, and they require the same level of protection as any other device on your network. Unfortunately, there are often very dire consequences of failing to protect oneself against the cyber threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware that can plague our home network […]

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Take Control of Your WiFi and Eliminate Recurring Rental Fees

By Max Wu

Orbi, our award-winning WiFi mesh system, has been very busy lately, heroically saving families around the world from being torn apart by bad WiFi. Our entire line of Orbi products has been praised loudly; Orbi has been referred to as life changing by TechCrunch, and the “mesh router to beat” by Tom’s Guide. It has […]

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