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WiFi 6 Isn’t a big deal… OR IS IT?

By Dustin Villaruz

WiFi 6 is here, and devices supporting the new standard are starting to hit store shelves, both off- and online. WiFi 6 promises to bring faster speeds and greater capacity… but there are some skeptics who believe that we aren’t quite ready for WiFi 6 and that its benefits will only be appreciated later rather […]

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Introducing Game of Thrones on Meural

By Christina Metza

Game of Thrones and NETGEAR have teamed up to bring unique artwork and imagery from the much beloved HBO® series to Meural. Members of the Meural art library will now be gifted with the vision of the three-eyed raven to showcase scenes from the epic as well as their favorite or most despised characters from […]

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GEN.G Fortnite Team visits the NETGEAR San Jose Office

By Ben Acevedo

Coming off a big win at TwitchCon for the Twitch Rivals Fortnite Tournament, NETGEAR and Nighthawk Pro Gaming hosted TINAARES, maddiesuunn and iCarleeFN from GEN.G at NETGEAR’s San Jose Office. The event was a Q/A session with the players, moderator Ben “ZarduBen” Acevedo and Gen.G General Manager Nathan Stanz. With questions from the NETGEAR audience […]

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5 Halloween Horrors You Can Play Now!

By Ben Acevedo

Halloween is approaching and the horror genre has great games to offer for multiplayer fun. Most online games have a Halloween Event that players can get exclusive holiday skins or loot in games like Neverwinter, Apex Legends, Borderlands 3, and Fortnite. In this post, we’re highlighting 5 games that will put the chills and thrills […]

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Why Orbi WiFi 6 is a Game Changer

By Amit Rele

We have all experienced the downfalls of slow and unstable WiFi. It’s frustrating, to say the least, when we are trying to stream our favorite content and experience delays. Strong WiFi is vital, especially in this day and age when we rely on our WiFi connections for so many of our home devices, like security […]

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Which NETGEAR Router Should I Buy?

By Sandeep Harpalani

No matter where you live or what you do, one thing is for sure. We all need good WiFi!  Nobody wants to endure the frustration of buffering or dropped internet when trying to stream, game or get some work done. In order to have great WiFi, you will need a strong and reliable WiFi router! […]

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