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Introducing WiFi 6E

By Dustin Villaruz

WiFi 6E is here and whether you know how significant this is or not, it is truly exciting news! Here, we take a deeper dive into what WiFi 6E is, why it is significant, and how WiFi as we know it continues to evolve. What is WiFi 6E? In 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance introduced the […]

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Does your Airbnb have Internet? How Great Guest WiFi Improves Profitability

By Doug Cheung

Whether you’re operating an Airbnb or running a boutique hotel, profitability is everything, and as every host knows, it can be improved or damaged by ratings and reviews. Of course, multiple factors affect the guest experience, and while some are impossible or hard to control — such as the weather or noisy neighbors — kicking […]

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Lending the Helping Hand – NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls™

By Abhay Bhorkar

NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls™ service was named a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the software and mobile apps category. The service helps parents manage their children’s time online across all their connected devices while promoting safe and healthy screen time habits. “The ability to focus is the most critical skill that parents can develop […]

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The Future of Nighthawk Pro Gaming

By Khalil Corbin

Several weeks have passed since the initial release of the iconic Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR1000 router. As we head into the next generation of WiFi connectivity, the XR1000 stands as a pillar of the future for streaming and gameplay. With the latest WiFi 6 technology,NPG XR1000 directly equips you with the right tools for the […]

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The Case for Standalone Business WiFi 6 Access Points

By Doug Cheung

The Age of WiFi Networking In the beginning, networks were a collection of hard-wired devices such as Ethernet routers and switches connected to end-point devices – usually computers. There was widespread market demand to connect these networks wirelessly using an industry-standard protocol, to avoid the inconvenience of wires. Shortly before the turn of the 20th […]

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Practice Better Cyber Safety with NETGEAR Armor

By Dustin Villaruz

Did you know that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month? If you didn’t know, NCSAM was originally created to ensure resources were made available to consumers, businesses, and educational institutions so that Americans could stay safer and more secure online. October serves as a perfect opportunity to start creating healthy online habits by implementing stronger […]

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More Than a Frame

By Phil Pyo

Capturing life’s most memorable moments has become easier as smartphones are equipped with top of the line camera technology. Our phones have seemingly made every one of us a photographer, without the hassle of lugging around clunky equipment. The delight we experience in instantly capturing countless memories has led to a surplus of images that […]

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