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The Future of WiFi

By Abhay Bhorkar

As a species, we all have some basic human needs. Food, shelter, clothing, and love are certainly at the top of the list. However, these days, this list could reasonably be expanded to include WiFi. Access to the internet is no longer a luxury that only a few require, for minutes at a time. For […]

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The Freedom to Game with the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Mesh WiFi System

By Max Wu

Here at NETGEAR, our Nighthawk Pro Gaming line of routers have been appreciated by gamers around the world. Utilizing the gaming-specific Duma OS, the Nighthawk Pro Gaming line has helped gamers reduce their ping, eliminate their lag, and upgrade their overall gaming experience. What makes our Pro Gaming routers the best routers for your online […]

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What is Cloud Gaming?

By Ben Acevedo

Cloud gaming is upon us, and with the recent announcements at E3, companies like Google, Microsoft and Nvidia are competing for the future of gaming, and it’s looking very interesting. What exactly is cloud gaming? Cloud gaming uses server farms instead of local computing power to render and process graphics and gameplay. This allows machines […]

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It’s Space Month on Meural!

By Poppy Simpson

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong uttered these words, as he became the first human to truly explore space. All throughout July, it is Space Month on Meural, where we will be honoring each “small step” in the long journey to understand what’s really out there—exploring […]

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Let NETGEAR Armor Secure Your Smart Devices

By Taranom Kazempour

It’s 2019, and your home is where you retreat to for all your comfort needs. I personally love my smart TV. I love my smart security cameras, my smart lock, smart thermostat, smart garage door opener, smart lights, and my smart voice assistant.  Now that I live in a smart home, I really could never […]

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