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Orbi for Small Business

By Amit Rele

You are a small business owner, or are planning to be.  Congratulations! This is a big step and NETGEAR wishes to let you know we are here to help you along the way. There is a lot to think about, and your network is critical; it’s the backbone for just about every business today. Whether […]

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Café/Small Business Solutions | NETGEAR Business Break

By Alexandra Mehat

Do you own a café, restaurant or small business? Do you want to know more about our packaged, easy to install IT solutions for your business? Watch this week’s Business Break to know which products are tailored for you and will make your IT management a breeze. We hope you enjoy this week’s Business Break! […]

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10 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to 10-Gigabit Switching

By Richard Jonker

Wondering what the drivers are for 10-Gigabit Connectivity in small and medium sized businesses? Wonder no more. The increase in mobility, voice and video, combined with virtualization and the doubling of data every 2 years (2×2), make it easy to see why SMBs now need 10-Gigabit connectivity: in order to avoid ten bottlenecks. 33% of all SMB networks already used 10-Gigabit switching in early 2016, and 75% will […]

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The Ultimate SMB Solution | NETGEAR Business Break

By Alexandra Mehat

In his weekly Business Break, Willie presents the ultimate 10-Gigabit solution from NETGEAR including a high-performance ReadyNAS storage, a full 10-Gigabit switch and a powerful Nighthawk router for a measured speed of 8.12Gbps. Want speed and reliability from NETGEAR? Watch this short Business Break video and witness 10-Gigabit performance in action.    

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