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Many small businesses need high-performance, problem-free WiFi, but tight budgets get in the way of making WiFi investments. Is it too much to ask for both? We don’t think so – which is why we created the Business Essentials range.

Designed specifically for small businesses including home offices, retail outlets, clinics, and workshops, Business Essentials is a growing family of value-for-money wireless access points. They provide excellent speed and comprehensive coverage, combined with easy set-up and management. Users get access to all the features they need – and then some – all within budget.

Business Essentials WiFi Products are all about instantly and easily dealing with typical problems and hurdles that microbusinesses may face, such as spotty or dropped connectivity, network congestion, slow speeds, lack of security, complicated installation, and ongoing management. These affordable, standalone wireless access points deliver fast bandwidth, reliable and safe performance, plus make it easy to expand WiFi coverage.

Fuss-Free Business WiFi

No one wants to waste valuable time setting up and managing WiFi, which is why the design team behind the Business Wireless Essentials line prioritized effort-free installation and easy ongoing maintenance. An intuitive web-interface guides you through just two straightforward steps, and then the units are ready to go. The user interface also supports any management or troubleshooting. If needed, users get 90 days of phone and chat support, plus a 3-year hardware warranty.

Within the range of Business Essentials products, there are a variety of options including WiFi 5 and WiFi 6; the ability to create sub-networks; Power-over-Ethernet (PoE); and desktop, wall, or ceiling mounts. The compact and attractive design of the product family makes for a seamless fit into just about any environment, whether on display or hidden from sight.

Business Essentials Use Cases

Here are some examples of typical uses for Business Essentials:

  • Dedicated home office WiFi for business owners sheltering-in-place or working permanently at home
  • Connecting instructors to students for remote teaching arithmetic classes to yoga lessons
  • College students’ dorm rooms, with guest access for work and entertainment
  • Small business and retail shops with distinctly separate customer-facing and back-office spaces within the same unit
  • Dental offices or workshops with a lobby area for visitors; instead of adding to the existing system, simply install a standalone Business Essentials access point (connected to a router)

Meet the Business Essentials Family

The Business Essentials family is growing, but so far, it consists of five members: the WiFi 5 products, WAC104 and WAC124, and the WiFi 6 offerings, WAX204, WAX214, WAX218, WAX202, and WAX206.

The WAX218 deserves a quick shout-out of its own, because this outstanding dual-band, eight-stream (4×4 + 4×4) access point provides an unrivaled specification within this price range, including double the throughput — 3.6 Gbps — of comparable alternatives.

The other members of the Business Essentials range each bring their own individual benefit. For instance, different models feature:

Separate and secure wireless sub-networks: A home, retail space, or small business could have separate networks for different categories of users: parents, kids, guests, staff, patients, students, and more. WAP3 and a DHCP NAT server offer firewall security.

Power over Ethernet: PoE uses a single cable for both power and data, eliminating the need for an electrical outlet near the access point. This means fewer cables and no need to call in an electrician.

2.5Gb Ethernet: Direct wired connection to printers, TV, storage, or game consoles for even faster performance.

WiFi 6: The latest WiFi standard brings 40% more speed and support for quadruple the number of concurrent connected devices (when compared to WiFi 5 on the same radio configuration).

It’s also important to understand what the Business Essentials range is not. These are not WiFi extenders, they don’t daisy-chain together like mesh systems can, and they don’t include remote cloud-based management. Users that need more than just basic, reliable standalone WiFi may want to look at other NETGEAR solutions.

Business Essentials will provide many microbusinesses and home workers with exactly what they need.

Doug Cheung

Senior Product Line Manager, Wireless and Storage

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