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No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home, which is why so many people take great measures to ensure the protection of their belongings and of their loved ones.  “It’s a terrible feeling when someone steals from you. To know they’ve been in your home, through your things, and taken what doesn’t belong to them.” Texas resident David Baccus unfortunately experienced this first-hand when his house was targeted earlier this year.  It was a dark and stormy winter night, seemingly straight from the scene of a movie, when two thieves broke into his vacation home in Galveston Texas, while he and his family lay sleeping a few hundred miles away.

It was just before 4:00AM when the two men cut the lock on his 5 foot tall iron gate, and entered his property.  They invaded his garage through the flood vents, and spent the next two hours ransacking his belongings.  They stole everything they could get their hands on and only stopped when their truck was too full, taking with them over $20,000 worth of property.

His vacation home had lost power that night due to the unusually stormy weather, and therefore his security system wasn’t working and his security cameras weren’t able to send him a warning notification that motion had been detected.

Luckily, although the power was out, David’s five Arlo cameras still recorded the entire disturbing series of events, and when he visited his vacation property a few days later and saw they had been robbed, he checked his Arlo app and found all of the recordings still saved.

David immediately downloaded the videos and took them to Jamaica Beach Police Chief Brad Hiemen.  The police chief was thrilled to see the recordings, because he believed these same men were suspects in another robbery which just took place the night before, in a town almost four hours away, at the home of a certain country music legend.

Armed with the Arlo evidence, the police chief was able to get a confession from the alleged ring leader to a string of robberies all along Eastern Texas.  The men were charged with dozens of felonies involving the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of outdoor equipment, now recovered.  Authorities even allege that the men were in the process of setting up a storefront in Austin with the stolen goods!

“The more people that have Arlo, the better off the rest of us will be,” David told us.  “Arlo is a no brainer!  We love the fact we can be almost anywhere we can get phone service and check on both of our houses, dogs, boat, windows, doors etc., etc.!  We even watched as Hurricane Harvey come ashore in Galveston”.

This story is a strong reminder that crime does not pay, and that Arlo keeps watch, with every angle covered.

Christopher Kidd

Community Development Marketing Manager

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