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Your favorite smart security camera just got smarter! In addition to all the great features that your Arlo cameras currently have, you can now get “Arlo Smart” to add intelligence to your cameras.

What is Arlo Smart?  Get alerts that matter.

One of the greatest benefits of having a smart security camera system is getting instant notifications when anything unusual happens on your property while you’re away. But, as any longtime Arlo user can attest, receiving notifications for all motion that is detected can get tiresome.

Through the power of AI and machine learning, your Arlo camera can now recognize what is causing the motion. So, you no longer need to be troubled with an alert every time a neighbor’s cat walks along your fence, or a tree branch blows in the wind.

With the new Arlo Smart, you can now manage your settings so that you’re only notified when the motion is caused by a person.

Activity Zones are the way to go!

Not plugged in? No problem! Since Arlo Smart works through the cloud, you can use your battery-operated cameras to highlight very specific areas within your cameras view!

Does your camera pick up part of your neighbor’s driveway or a section of the sidewalk? With Cloud Activity Zones, you can now use your Arlo app to simply draw a box around the areas you care about, like your own driveway and your front door, and be notified only if motion is detected within that zone.

It’s a simple yet effective way to filter notifications for areas only within your interested zones.

You’re on vacation. But your Arlo spots an intruder.

If you choose to go with one of the Arlo Smart monthly subscriptions, either Premier or Elite, U.S. subscribers also have access to our new e911 service within Arlo Smart. This service makes it possible to immediately contact your local emergency services closest to your home, directly, no matter where you are calling from.  e911 uses your home’s location information, not your phone’s, to let the responders know exactly where to send help.

Less is more with Arlo Smart

With Arlo Smart, you’ll have access to filtered, yet more valuable, alerts, appearing right on your phone’s lock screen.   It gives you access to a quicker and more convenient way to see what’s happening through rich notifications, without having to launch the Arlo app first.

See a snapshot of the detected motion, along with a brief description letting you know if it’s a person. And if there’s anything suspicious going on, Arlo Smart even gives you a few options for the next steps of actions right from the notification: sound the siren, call a friend, or contact local emergency services with e911.

Want to see exactly how intelligent your cameras can be? Try Arlo Smart free now for one month and experience the difference that extra peace of mind gives you!

Greg Falgiano

Sr. Manager – Arlo

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