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Arlo and Rambo Bikes Partner Up for Peace of Mind at Outdoor Retailer

Industry events are a great way to promote your products or solutions to a large number of people in a small amount of time.  People come from all over the world to attend, and, for some companies, these events can make or break their business.   However, the individuals who regularly work these events can attest they often experience a wide array of problems, anything from shipping errors to having their entire display catch on fire.

While NETGEAR was showcasing the Arlo Go at the 2017 Outdoor Retailer event in Salt Lake City last month, our fellow vendor Rambo Bikes experienced a troubling theft, when $10,000 worth of their prized bikes went missing on their first night in the pavilion.  “We took a lot of time and effort to prepare for this event and make an impression on our partners and customers, and for this kind of thing to happen, we’re very frustrated,” said sales manager Zach Barrett.

Upon hearing of their misfortune, the Arlo team set out to help them on the second day of the event, deploying their Arlo Go camera system in the cube across from Rambo.  Arlo Go is the truly mobile HD video security solution – it works anywhere within nationwide LTE coverage, no need to have access to a power outlet, cabled internet or even rely on third party Wi-Fi (which can be unreliable at the best of times at trade shows).

The Arlo Go camera was positioned and armed within minutes, and the NETGEAR team was even able to share viewing rights to the camera feed with the Rambo bike team, all from within the mobile app.

When we heard what happened, we knew we had an opportunity to use Arlo to give them peace of mind, and really try to catch who was doing this,” said Neal Skura, Senior Product Manager, NETGEAR.

With the Arlo Go installed overnight, Rambo was able to finish the rest of the show theft-free, and even left with something new for themselves… an Arlo Go, courtesy of NETGEAR.  Happy trails, Rambo!




Christopher Kidd
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