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It has been one wild winter, and is promising to be a stormy spring!

Whether you live in the drenched North West, or in the freezing eastern or northern states, our Arlo security cameras will meet the demands of this wacky weather.  Operating anywhere between -4° F and 113° F, with a weather and dust resistant IP65 rating, our cameras are designed to withstand the elements, rain or shine, hot and dusty, or freezing cold.

Have a weatherproof outlet you can use? Available soon, the Arlo outdoor power adaptor and charging cable will allow you to power your camera directly, to minimize having to charge it every 6 months. Or, you can wait until spring 2017, as the Arlo engineering team is working around the clock to bring you a solar panel that harvests the power of the sun to charge the Arlo Pro batteries.

And to further protect your investment, Arlo cameras also have silicone skins with a visor available, to prevent rain from accumulating on the lens, or to protect the lens from sun glare on sunny days. These skins are ideal for outdoor use in that they are UV and water resistant, and allow you to easily disguise your cameras outside.  And our camera mounts, like our new stainless steel and silicone four-legged Quadpod mount, are strong and secure, able to withstand strong winds!

While the weather we’re experiencing may be wacky, the safety of your most prized assets does not have to be compromised, with Arlo accessories!

Taranom Kazempour
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