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The internet. These days, it seems to have become the equivalent of a modern day Wild West, where apparently anything goes.

We all take the necessary precautions to protect our valuables, home, car, and our assets from any potential damage or theft. But what about protecting that which is most precious to us, the family members we love? With Circle on NETGEAR, parental control and internet filtering has never been easier.

If you have children, or if you have come into close proximity of any child, you’ll know that they absolutely love their screen time. In fact, according to a 2017 census released by Common Sense Media, children between the ages of two and four years old spend an average of two hours and 40 minutes each day behind a screen. And, as they grow older, this screen time increases .

How Much is Too Much?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under the age of two should have no solo screen time at all.  For children aged two to five years old, screen time should be limited to no more than one hour per day. Overexposure to digital media can actually have significant consequences, such as hyperactivity and less sleep (i.e., every parent’s worst nightmare). Preschoolers with too much screen time also can show delays in language development, focusing capabilities, and social skills. Moreover, heavy media use is also linked to weight gain and childhood obesity.

Given these potential harmful effects, you probably have already tried setting some limits. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds. There is always a lot of pleading, whining, crying – it can be downright exhausting!

Now, with Circle on NETGEAR, you can easily set these limits, controls, safety measures and best practices for better online habits—not only for your child but also for yourself.

What is Circle on NETGEAR?

Circle with Disney is an app that you download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone that allows you to set time limits for websites and apps on the devices in your home network, as well as pause WiFi access at certain specific hours. For example, you can set your child’s tablet to only allow 15 minutes on the YouTube Kids app, 30 minutes on NETFLIX, 45 minutes on school-related apps, and 15 minutes on Candy Crush. Additionally, you can pause all internet access between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. for family dinner time, and then turn it off completely at 8:30 p.m. for bedtime.  No more pleading—it’s an automated setting that is consistent every day.

In addition to setting time limits, you can also set age-appropriate filters for your children. In an ideal world, you would constantly monitor everything your kids are accessing online. However, now that everyone in the family often has their own smartphone, laptop or tablet, this isn’t always a realistic goal. With Circle on NETGEAR, you can specify exactly what you want your kids to see. So go ahead and block social media apps, chat pages, or any site with unsuitable content. Turn on Google Safe Search so that inappropriate websites and images don’t appear in their search results. You can even block ads and annoying pop-up windows. Circle on NETGEAR circles the control back to you.

How Does Circle on NETGEAR Differ From the Rest? 

Unlike other parental controls that only filter content on websites, Circle on NETGEAR filters content in apps as well.  So, your children can only access apps and websites that are designated for their age group and for the time limits that you set.

Additionally, most of the other parental controls only allow you to manage smartphones, tablets, or computers. In comparison, Circle on NETGEAR allows you to set controls and time limits on all WiFi devices—even gaming consoles. Now your teen’s Fortnite gaming can automatically end at 10:00 p.m., instead of continuing until dawn.

Parenting has never been easy. And in today’s digital age, we are faced with even more distressing concerns than ever before. Circle on NETGEAR allows you to confidently set clear and consistent guidelines so that your child is assured a safe and protected online experience.

Learn more about Circle on NETGEAR here.



Hoda Sedghi

Product Line Manager

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