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It’s a simple fact that businesses need WiFi, from the smallest home office to the largest distributed network across hundreds of employees and sites. The last dozen meters between wired networks and business devices are increasingly connected exclusively via WiFi. Now more than ever, IT managers or MSPs providing networking services need to be able to configure, monitor and manage networks remotely and efficiently. With the ever-increasing number of devices, from laptops to tablets, smartphones and more, WiFi networking tools need to have powerful business-class features from deployment, security to continual monitoring. In this complex device environment, IT Managers need to monitor network health and ensure they can quickly discover and drill down into problem areas and adjustments to their deployments with a single powerful interface.

That powerful interface is NETGEAR Insight – a comprehensive tool that a growing number of IT Managers trust to remotely cloud-manage their networks, from access points to switches, routers and more. With the recent release of Insight 5.11 new and refined features for high-density WiFI management are available from anywhere with just the tap of your finger or a few mouse clicks.

High-Density WiFi Controls

Recently NETGEAR launched several business WiFi 6 devices such as the WAX610 Access Point that on a physical hardware level allows for high-density WiFi 6 deployments. And now with the release of Insight 5.11 we’ve added additional software features that allow for advanced management of high-density WiFi deployments. These new features also enhance the inherent capabilities of our existing WiFi 5 line of Insight Managed WiFi access points, for instance, the WAC540 tri-band mesh-capable access point.

When AP deployments get dense, AP radios often interfere with each other or inefficiently handle the increased traffic, client roaming and client handling. Insight 5.11 adds new load balancing controls for APs, based on client signal strength thresholds and/or number of client devices. Load balancing allows your AP’s to intelligently monitor each other and improve connections to clients based on the policies set by IT managers. This allows for significantly more fine-tuning capabilities in dense deployments in the range of 7 to 25+ access points in a single physical location. This granular control is a boon to IT managers in challenging settings such as K-12 schools where a large number of client devices and Wifi resources and a hierarchy of PoE switches and AP’s is common.

Wifi Security and Performance Management

Increased density of WiFi is great, but without advanced security measures, it can cause support headaches and security concerns for IT managers. That’s why we continue to take security and performance seriously with the Insight platform. All Insight capable AP’s support the latest WPA3-Enterprise protocol. WPA3-Enterprise ensures the latest in encryption and with 256-bit authentication and other powerful security measures, especially important for financial institutions and other industries that need cryptographic tools to protect sensitive data.

Safety and security between clients on your network is also a big concern, protecting devices and clients from each other. We’ve included SSID Level Client Isolation in Insight 5.11. Client isolation is incredibly important, especially on your guest network. In addition, IT Security managers can deploy special high-security zones isolated to specific SSID, or even secure departments such as their internal finance team to keep data shielded.

With improved security we’ve also provided new tools that will ensure your clients are roaming between AP’s efficiently, and they are getting peak signal between light and heavily trafficked areas and even discover weak spots in WiFi coverage. The Client roaming and history reporting tools in Insight 5.11 allow fine-grained reporting of clients as they move about the site. Roaming performance for clients is also improved in Insight 5.11 thanks to support for 802.11k/r/v standards allowing devices to efficiently detect, prioritize and transition between AP’s as they move about.

Insight The Journey Continues

We’re coming up on four years since NETGEAR Insight Management originally launched on select Access Points, and we’ve come a long way in software and hardware. Now we have dozens of APs and Switches and more that support Insight with no end in sight! Of course we’re already making plans and testing future releases. We want to thank you for your valued support and continual feedback in the NETGEAR Insight Community. We hope you’ll join us on the Insight journey with future innovations.

P.S. Even more features have launched with Insight 5.11 for instance, simplified onboarding for the Orbi Pro system (did you know our “professional wireless network in a box” has Insight capabilities?). Get the technical details and join the discussion in the NETGEAR Insight Community Forums Insight 5.11 launch discussion thread.

Learn more about NETGEAR Insight Management for Switches, AP’s and Business Routers.

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Shaheen Kazi

Director of SMB Product Line Management, Insight

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