Over the years, WiFi has become a necessity for a business, rather than the luxury it once was. Customers have come to expect seamless available WiFi connectivity wherever they go, whether it be a cafe, hair salon, bookstore, etc.  WiFi has been proven to be a useful tool for businesses in increasing their customer satisfaction and, in turn, their revenue.

Now, here are five reasons why YOUR small business should offer WiFi on premise:

1.) Establish your business presence in your local community:

Social media dominates our society. People are constantly logging in and checking into mobile apps like Instagram, Yelp, etc., as they feel compelled to stay in “the loop.” When provided internet access via available WiFi, customers can easily post Yelp reviews, or share Instagram images of their experience with your business. In turn, their friends, relatives, and co-workers, and other potential customers, will see your business name in their feed, potentially sparking some curiosity about your business.

2.) Keep customers entertained, helping fend off frustration with wait times:

As we have all experienced, waiting can be less troublesome when you have a fast WiFi connection.  While your customers wait in line to receive services, or that steaming hot pick-me-up, they can access the WiFi offered and pass the time while watching adorable cat videos. Time will fly by as your customers are absorbed in catching up on email or some form of online entertainment.  As a result, you could have happier customers and more of those coveted 5 star reviews.

3.) Increase the amenities your business offers to customers:

What differentiates one business from another, besides quality of service?  When people look for places to stay or eat, they also factor in the features or services available. A guest might pick another business over yours simply because it offers complimentary high speed WiFi and you don’t.  By providing customer accessible WiFi, you are giving your business a competitive edge in this connected world.

4.) WiFi contributes to more time spent at your business:

When you add wireless capabilities to your café, you immediately turn it into a desired hang out, where busy customers can spend time working, reading their online news feeds, or responding to email.  Instead of just grabbing a cappuccino and running out, customers can enjoy their beverage, and maybe choose a sandwich or pastry, and stay awhile, knowing they are connected and can spend some time online.  When your customers realize they enjoy your offerings and the free WiFi, it’s all the more reason for them to return regularly.

5.) Leverage social media, help promote your business and gain customer insight:

Facebook WiFi allows you to easily provide access for your customers, skipping password verification and making connectivity seamless. But did you know it also gives you important stats about your customer check-ins and increases user engagement with your Facebook page? The more Facebook check-ins you get, the higher your Facebook page ranks on the “nearby” tab of Facebook, potentially getting you more traffic and customers!

Having fast, secure WiFi is essential for businesses, and so, how can you assure that the equipment you are using is the best in the industry for the price?  Investing in a NETGEAR Business Wireless Access Point lets you control your network, get reliable WiFi, and give fast speeds to your employees, management, and customers, all while keeping your network safe and secure.

Alexandra Mehat

Messaging and Product Marketing Manager

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