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So, you’re a new gamer or seasoned grandmaster, and are anticipating long nights ahead on your new Xbox, PS4 or PC. Or maybe you are planning on getting into streaming on Twitch, or reviewing games on YouTube!  When you’re loving your console or rig, and are focused on improving your game, the last thing you need is a bad setup holding you back.

I feel like I’m always in front of my computer, either coding or trying to gain SR. Here is a list I’ve put together of 6 essentials every new or seasoned gamer is going to want to get their hands on, based on what I personally use and love.

(1) Gaming Chair

First and foremost, if you are going to be spending hours sitting down, it’s definitely worth investing in a great chair. Everyone is built a bit differently, so I encourage everyone to try out different options and get what’s most comfortable for you. That said, I personally recommend the Corsair T-1 – it has great lumbar support, and reminds me a lot of RECARO bucket seats in an actual track car I once drove (that’s a story for another day). You can choose the trim color (if you want to match the lights on your rig), which is always cool.

(2) Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard provides lightning fast, effortless actuation of the keys – it’s the fastest available on the market today. I think it’s great for both productivity (especially word processing and software dev) and gaming.  In fact, this was the keyboard the entire NETGEAR Nighthawks team used during the 2018 season of the AHGL Overwatch NorCal Corporate Clash.

(3) Gaming Mouse

The Corsair M65 RGB Elite gaming mouse is a much improved version of the M65 Pro, and is very comfortable, especially for those who claw grip. The DPI clutch on the side offers me great movement ability when I need to turn on a dime and fast – it’s a must-have feature for me. It also has removable weights to make this mouse light as a feather, and is backed by a sturdy aluminum chassis (in case you throw it at a wall, à la xQc-style).

(4) Gaming Controller

If you want a purpose-made controller to frag out like the pros, you’re going to love the Scuf gaming custom controller.  When you’re executing more advanced moves in games, their patented paddle technology offers improved hand movement by providing increased dexterity. It’s like having a special perk permanently attached to your console class!

(5) Gaming Headset

The comfortable wireless Plantronics – RIG 800 Series Wireless Gaming Headsets eliminates the tangle of cords so you can easily change positions without worrying about disconnecting.  The 40mm drivers let you capture every sound with Dolby surround, and it offers up to 24 hours or more of battery charge for extended play. So basically, you can sit and play for a crazy long time, but also jump up to answer the door when your pizza delivery arrives – or jump around and shout when you win! It’s also really comfortable even when you’re wearing glasses; I could use this headset for hours on end.

(6) Gaming Router

Something to keep in mind – incredibly fast inputs on a keyboard or mouse requires a low-latency connection, so that the movement is translated accurately on screen. If you have a laggy, unstable internet connection, none of the gear we’ve mentioned above will really do much to increase your chances of winning.

With NETGEAR’s Nighthawk XR300 Pro Gaming router, you get a great router for all your connected devices at home; and it also happens to come with an amazing award-winning OS built specifically for gaming.

The DumaOS that comes on this router includes an advanced geofiltering feature, which will allow you to block players and servers that are too far away, ensuring that you get the best, most stable low latency connection. It also uses Quality of Service (QoS) and Anti-Buffer Bloat to eliminate network congestion. So, if other people on your network are doing things online that are hogging your internet, this router will actually prioritize your gameplay, so that you don’t lag out of a lobby.

Regardless if you’re a pro or just a weekend warrior, having the right setup will help you have a great experience and get more wins.



Joshua Ding

Sr. Manager, Digital Production

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