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NETGEAR is a proud co-founder of the 4 Medical IT Alliance; an international collaboration and strategic partnership of medical technology companies and innovators committed to the development of an ecosystem for modern, safe, and connected operating room environments.

The 4 Medical IT Alliance offers a complete ecosystem for OEMS and integrators to create leading-edge technology for operating room control that provides seamless switching of lossless video, full patient workflow software with documentation, image grabbing and clip recording, and the ability to interoperate with any third-party system over a standard 10Gb IP network using SDVoE Technology. The ecosystems are full-stack solutions, allowing customers to choose to either customize the software or make use of the robust and comprehensive API to develop their own application layer.

Each member brings its own particular skill and core technologies: NDS Surgical Imaging, a leading manufacturer of LCD surgical displays and video management systems; ZeeVee Inc., manufacturer of medical-grade SDVoE encoders and decoders; NETGEAR, manufacturer of high-performance network switches, engineered for AV over IP and data services; and Big Blue Solutions, with 25 years’ experience in operating theatre control system design.

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John Henkel

Product Marketing Manager, Pro-AV Networking

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