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Talk about a brazen crime!  Small business owners Mike Rickert and Chris Jandro run a firearms store in Denver Colorado, and they installed Arlo security cameras 3 months ago, after dealing with a number of burglaries over the years, although they never thought they might catch something quite like this.

They were alerted by an Arlo notification on their phones about the break-in – and do we ever MEAN break-in!-  over a full minute before their alarm company notified them of the breach.

Chris says he immediately launched his Arlo app, and was able to watch the burglary happening, in real time.  “The three burglars were in and out of the store in under 60 seconds, and if it wasn’t for the Arlo cameras we set up, we may never have had any witness to this crime.”

They have now sent this captured Arlo footage over to the police, in hopes that they will be able to find those responsible, and help put an end to the rash of gun store break-ins in the Denver Metro area over the last 2 years.

Christopher Kidd

Arlo Channel Marketing Manager

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