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Data Explosions

By Richard Jonker

It is Inevitable that Data Explosions Will Soon Happen in a Wiring Closet Near You Follow these tips to avoid certain disaster. As the product guy for a networking and storage company, I often get asked questions about what equipment people need to buy. What will work for me today and will also work next […]

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Orbi review in Ars Technica

By Taranom Kazempour

Have you seen the round up on the new category of distributed WiFi systems, written by Jim Salter, yet? Whole Home WiFi systems burst onto the scene last year, and they are designed to blanket a whole home in WiFi coverage, eliminating dead spaces and reducing lag times, in an ever-increasingly device-rich home, and all […]

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Patriot Service Dogs

By Christopher Kidd

NETGEAR has been honored to help out an amazing organization called Patriot Service Dogs.  This group of about 100 active volunteers based out of Jacksonville, FL, works to enrich the lives of disabled military veterans by placing a well-trained and lovingly-raised service dog with them. The organization reached out to Arlo Cares because they had […]

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