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10 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to 10-Gigabit Switching

By Richard Jonker

Wondering what the drivers are for 10-Gigabit Connectivity in small and medium sized businesses? Wonder no more. The increase in mobility, voice and video, combined with virtualization and the doubling of data every 2 years (2×2), make it easy to see why SMBs now need 10-Gigabit connectivity: in order to avoid ten bottlenecks. 33% of all SMB networks already used 10-Gigabit switching in early 2016, and 75% will […]

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The Ultimate SMB Solution | NETGEAR Business Break

By Alexandra Mehat

In his weekly Business Break, Willie presents the ultimate 10-Gigabit solution from NETGEAR including a high-performance ReadyNAS storage, a full 10-Gigabit switch and a powerful Nighthawk router for a measured speed of 8.12Gbps. Want speed and reliability from NETGEAR? Watch this short Business Break video and witness 10-Gigabit performance in action.    

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